HOA leadership

Your HOA Leadership Roles and Duties: What to Expect

For a homeowners’ association to function properly, a Board of Directors is a necessity. The volunteers elected to be on the board are responsible for ensuring the community runs smoothly and the association functions normally. Without a capable board, the community may become neglected and fall apart. For your reference, here we describe HOA leadership roles and duties.

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Oak Park Fall Activities blog title

Three of Our Favorite Fall Oak Park Activities for Families

Labor Day has come and gone, and fall weather is officially upon us. The mornings are crisper in Chicagoland, and some of us are ready for pumpkin patches and apple picking. Located just west of Chicago’s downtown sits Oak Park. Among Oak Park activities are a great assortment for families and young adults who still want to be near the city. For more events going on in Oak Park than we share here, check out their main event page.

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donut bobbing in Orland Park

4 Fun Things to do in Orland Park and Tinley Park in the Fall

Summer is winding down and soon the air will be crisp and the leaves will change colors. Fall is filled with family fun activities like hayrides, apple picking, and pumpkin carving. But sometimes you want to change things up and find a new and different event to attend. These four fun things to do in Orland Park are certainly unique, and there’s something for everyone! Keep reading for a few unique activities that could become your next fall tradition.

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Fire Fighters Managing Disaster

9 Disaster Community Preparedness Steps for HOAs

Earlier this summer in July, a substantial fire destroyed nearly 75% of a condo association in Prospect Heights, IL. Associations for townhomes, condominiums, and single family homes need not overlook community planning for disaster management. Whether it’s a tornado, flood, or fire, community preparedness is crucial, lest you find yourself scrambling in an emergency.

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Leaky Toilet with blog title

5 General Home Repair and Maintenance Tips for Every Homeowner

Understanding general home repair and maintenance is an important part of being a homeowner. Not every broken appliance needs to be fixed by a professional and, in fact, most repairs can be done by yourself. Repairing issues by yourself is cost-effective, time-saving, and can possibly extend the life of your appliances. But even if you intend to hire out all repairs, you’ll want to understand how things work. Here’s a list of general home repair and maintenance tips that every homeowner should be knowledgeable on.

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