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Attached vs Detached Home: Which is right for you?

By Townhouse living

For many prospective home buyers in Chicagoland, the question arises of the pros and cons of an attached vs detached home. To get you the most important points of comparison, we interviewed realtor Jena Mancione and dove deep into some price point research on Trulia. What is an attached family home? An attached family home is typically defined as a family residence that shares an element, such as a wall or ceiling/floor, with another property. Contrast this with a detached home, where the residence is in a building that stands alone. An attached single family home only shares one element, whereas the condominium structure most common in Illinois is multi-family, i.e., multiple residences that are within a single building. Condominiums, however, are not legally defined by their physical characteristics, but by the financial agreement that owners enter into. Attached vs detached home price points One of the biggest differences in attached vs detached homes is the price point. Price is particularly important when considering townhouse pros and cons. As of the publishing of this article in May 2019, using , we’ve summarized…

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