Community Management for Associations

Vantaca unites your community

Vantaca’s Community Management Performance software connects associations, board members, homeowners, and vendors at every touchpoint. This tool enables Hillcrest to automate processes and communicate optimally with your community. Further, Vantaca’s software empowers your association to run in real time.

Vantaca provides a fully-integrated, password-protected board members’ portal and owners’ portal for your association. This provides greater transparency, more efficiency, and control over the processes within your community, and potential cost savings to your association (such as reducing the use of paper and envelopes, postage, etc.).

Vantaca property management software logo
Board members

Get real time access to association reports and documents, such as meeting minutes and committee reports. Manage board tasks and store association documents such as archived newsletters, community news, and reports. Plus, the software protects against file corruption or accidental deletion, so you never have to worry about losing a file.

Community association

Store association documents and deploy email communications and newsletters. Vantaca includes functionality for community amenity reservations, and a community calendar.

Property owners

Pay assessments, and access account information and payment history right in the portal. In addition, the software enables streamlined communication with your property management company.


Seamlessly integrate with vendors from within the software. Automatically forward vendors work orders, and pay them via direct deposit.