Understanding Condo Association Rules, Regulations, Bylaws, and Decs

The many different condo association rules and governing documents can be a challenge to keep straight. Association residents and board members will be most empowered by understanding them. Likewise, knowing what happens when bylaws are violated is crucial for residents and board members alike. Here we summarize and simplify condo bylaws, declarations, and rules and regulations.

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A Common Misunderstanding: HOA vs. Property Management Company

As a condominium owner, it is natural to feel frustrated when it takes too long for a maintenance vendor to arrive, or when you head to work and the parking lot isn’t plowed. You may not deem fair one of the community’s rules. It is a common misunderstanding that your property management company is the party at the root of these issues. In this article, we explain the difference between the homeowners’ association and the management company.

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Homeowners’ Association not enforcing rules? Here’s what to do.

When you live in a homeowners’ association, you agree to uphold all the rules that go along with living there. The reason an HOA has rules is to ensure proper order and a smooth running of the community. Without these rules, everyone would be free to do as they please, which can lead to issues. But what about when you find your homeowners’ association not enforcing rules? Here we outline some simple solutions for homeowners to get an HOA back on track.

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Understanding Homeowners’ Association Budget and Assessments

Planning out an HOA budget is a marathon of a task. As a homeowner, trying to understand it can be even more difficult and frustrating. The more knowledgeable you are about how an HOA budget works, the more power you’ll feel in the budgeting process. Keep reading to learn more about HOA monthly assessments, special assessments, annual budgeting, and your board’s decision-making process.

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