• Testimonials



“Hillcrest was selected to replace our property management company shortly after I joined the board and before I became president. My experience with Hillcrest has been very interesting. The courtesy and pleasant contact at all levels far exceeds what I was used to. At every level of contact, from use of the emergency service to questions on work orders, to details on specific homeowner problems, it just flows. This is my final term and I want to thank you all for your help. You made my job easier.”

~ J Fitz, Board President

“I am a member of both HOA and CBA board of our association, as a secretary and treasurer and works closely with Roy Rausch. My compliments to your organization for the superb job Roy Rausch is doing to our association. Besides being a hard worker, he is kind, knowledgeable and follows through in all projects. Thank you for appointing Roy to our association. We truly appreciate his wonderful job.”
~Board Member, Oak Brook IL

“I have been on the association board for over 20 years and had to deal with at least three property management companies over that time. Hillcrest Property Management, in particular the Property Manager we have now, have now been most helpful in our every day operation but most of all with our larger capital projects that we have had to address.”

~ Norfie D., Board President

“I would like to say a few words in regards to the services Hillcrest provides for us. Our Property Manager has been very helpful in providing services for our building. Those being the upkeep of our building, the paperwork we require for various projects and attending all building meetings. He keeps our meetings on the up and up. He also finds us the right tradesmen for all our projects and in a timely manner.”

~ Chuck, Board President

“Hillcrest Property Management group has been our Property Management group for more than five years and has done an outstanding job handling our association’s needs. Our Association is pleased to have them on our side when resident issues arise. The concept of a team to respond to resident needs is new to us and we have enjoyed the excellent results.”

~ S.T, Board President