Des Plaines

Des Plaines, Illinois has many condominium buildings. They vary in number of units, much like the way our client-associations vary in number of units. It so happens that most of the associations Hillcrest manages in Des Plaines are on the larger side. As such, Des Plaines is a good example of the On-site Property Manager service that we offer.

On-site Property Management

On-site property management is a great solution for associations with 200 to 1,000+ residential units. The reason is because these property managers are dedicated to a single community. They work out of on-site property management offices, and assist the association(s) in day-to-day operations.

Des Plaines condo associations we manage

Among the associations we manage in Des Plaines are several that:

  • span dozens of acres
  • have multiple associations within a community (because of their size)
  • offer many amenities

Amenities these HOAs manage include:

  • clubhouse or community center
  • pool (lifeguard-staffed in some cases)
  • locker rooms
  • sauna
  • tennis courts
  • playgrounds
  • fish-stocked lake
  • paved path

The residents of our Des Plaines properties span all ages, including retirees, families with children, and college students. Many units are owner-occupied, while others are rented.

Our on-site team

Members of our on-site property management team in Des Plaines have tenure varying from a couple months to 30 years, in various capacities. On average, tenure is several years.

While some communities have a single manager, others have a team. Each individual on a team is assigned a sub-set of properties, or specific responsibilities. Team members also cover one other’s responsibilities when that manager is away from the office.

Feedback we have received in Des Plaines

We are proud that in 2018, for one of the largest properties we manage, the Cook County Inspectors said we are one of the best-maintained properties compared to the surrounding condominium buildings.

In a more recently-acquired association, the Board of Directors is happy specifically with how we do business according to the ILCA in enforcing rules and declarations and interacting with the association.

For a great story about the character of one of our Des Plaines property managers, Larry Bennett, see this blog post.