Year after year, we at Hillcrest Property Management receive letters recognizing one of our property managers, Larry Bennett. It gives us great pride to give Larry that recognition here. If you know him, please give him a pat on the back.

Here’s a letter we received in April, 2024.

To whom it may concern,

I am a fire inspector with the North Maine Fire Protection District (NMFPD) for 3 1/2 years, with a total of 35 years in the fire service. Regarding Larry Bennett, I have had many interactions with Mr. Bennett in conducting fire inspections and other fire code items. He is always extremely helpful, friendly, and excellent at working with NMFPD. When we have a concern, problem, or fire code violation, Mr. Bennett is responsive to our violation notices, compliance follow up, and other fire code items, in a very acceptable period to resolve the items. If there are other issues that the fire district may be able to help with, or that Mr. Bennett may need assistance with, he is excellent with communications to the NMFPD.

Mr. Bennett is excellent for representing Hillcrest management and your great working relationship with government entities.

Here’s a special unexpected letter we received about a festival before COVID.

To Whom It May Concern,

My husband of 39 years and I were at a fest in Hoffman Estates on July 4. All of a sudden, he fell to the ground, not moving. A man came running over, and looked at my Albert and told me to call 911. I was so upset, scared and overcome with emotion, I did as he asked and while others watched and did nothing, this man performed CPR until the ambulance came.

The fire department took him to the hospital and Albert needed heart surgery. What is so amazing is the doctors said had CPR not been given and his heart restarted, Albert would have died within minutes.

Why I tell you this is because this man helped and he never gave his name. I only remember a white shirt with green towers that said Hillcrest Property Management on it. My granddaughter helped me find your company so I can thank the man in the white shirt.

I want to say thank you and that I will always be grateful to this man and I will always remember Hillcrest Property Management as the company who saved my Albert.

Thank you,

Doris W., Hoffman Estates

While Larry Bennett is one of our Des Plaines property managers, he was enjoying the Northwest Fourth Fest in Hoffman Estates that summer. We are proud that Larry is equipped to take care of his association residents and fellow festival goers alike. Here’s an example of what one of the residents sent in from a community Larry manages:

I am writing to share my satisfaction and appreciation for Larry Bennett. I have had multiple interactions with Larry, whether it was to answer questions about the association or to submit a repair order, and each and every time Larry has been extremely prompt and helpful.

Today, I closed on a unit in the community Larry manages. Long story short, an issue with the lender and attorneys came up 2 hours before I was set to close and I desperately needed to get a new copy of the March paid assessment letter, or I would not be able to close today (which also happened to be the day my rate expired.) I contacted Larry and he was able to promptly provide the March paid assessment letter and because of that I was able to successfully close on the property.

I want to express my appreciation for Larry and let you know how great of a job he did on such short notice. I believe his exceptional service deserves to be recognized.

Thank you, Larry, for all you do!

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