Fire Fighters Managing Disaster

9 Disaster Community Preparedness Steps for HOAs

Earlier this summer in July, a substantial fire destroyed nearly 75% of a condo association in Prospect Heights, IL. Associations for townhomes, condominiums, and single family homes need not overlook community planning for disaster management. Whether it’s a tornado, flood, or fire, community preparedness is crucial, lest you find yourself scrambling in an emergency.

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HOA Delinquency blog title

How to Deal with Condo Association and HOA Delinquency

Making consistent improvements in your community is an important job of an HOA. However, when homeowners become delinquent, you will not have enough money to maintain operations. How do you deal with these people? The cost of delinquency to the association is quite expensive. Plus, it can lead to thousands in unpaid dues, tension with owners, and even court hearings. Here are a few tactics to deal with delinquent owners in your condo association.

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Frustrated Condo Owner

Combatting Condo Noise Complaints and Violations in Your Community

Condo association board members are no stranger to condo noise complaints. From loud music, barking dogs, and fireworks in the summer, the opportunities for disruptions are many. Of course, you want everyone to be respectful and mindful of one another, but not all tenants are perfect. Your main role is to keep a happy and safe community, so we’ve listed some tactics to help you tackle the problem of condo noise complaints.

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