Hillcrest Property Management is proud to be a favorite in Niles, IL.

Hillcrest manages dozens of properties in Niles, IL. In these communities of townhomes and condominiums, managers either live on-site or near the association(s) they serve, depending on the needs and size of the community.

Niles Property Manager feature: Larry Bennett

Larry Bennett is a favorite in Niles, IL. Larry has been in property management for over 18 years, and has managed 19 communities in that time. He has been with Hillcrest since 2017 as the on-site manager of a four-acre Niles property with 77 addresses. His team at that property includes two assistant property managers.

His background prior to property management was as a paralegal, and today maintains his license and certificate. This makes Larry an extra valuable resource at Hillcrest, as he can be a liaison for legal contracts where otherwise an attorney would be needed. His expertise is helpful in guiding boards, reducing legal expenses, and ensuring contracts are getting reviewed for the best advice and risk protection.

When asked what he loves most about his job, Larry says it is seeing the physical results of projects or enhancements come to life. Recently, Larry’s most enjoyable projects have included safety and lighting enhancements, and a cost reduction project.

We asked Larry his favorite thing about Hillcrest, and he says it is the support upper management provides. When there is a complex issue in the field that needs guidance, he knows his t4eam at Hillcrest will assist in any and all ways possible. Being part of that kind of team goes a long way for the happiness of his community, and for his job satisfaction.

Niles Testimonials

We at Hillcrest are grateful for and humbled by the notes that roll in about Larry and our other Niles property managers.

“Since COVID, I have to work for extended periods of time away from my mother. She is living in Niles at one of the properties you manage. Since I’m stuck away, I worry about her and when I called her Sunday to check on her, I found out her property manager had already called every day to check on her. I was most surprised to find out he even called her on the weekends just to make sure she was okay because of the very cold weather. She also shared the email she got about what to do in the cold weather with tips for safety. Please express to him my sincere thanks for looking out for her. He is such a comfort to her.  I cannot thank Hillcrest enough for being on top of things. He truly is a wonderful dedicated manager.”

“Larry is the best property manager I’ve worked with since my initial purchase of residence within the condominium homeowners association. I look forward to many more years of his professionalism at the helm.”

“I have been an owner at one of your Niles properties for the last couple years. I also owned at another property you managed in Mount Prospect, IL. I wanted to inform you that I’m extremely pleased with Senior Property Manager Larry Bennett’s kindness and demeanor. He has provided prompt business-like responses to issues that have arisen in his tenure. This man is doing an exceptional job! Thank you for placing Larry in this difficult position.”