Townhome ceiling water damage

5 Most Common Causes of Water Damage in Townhomes

One of the worst things to happen in your home is water damage. Suddenly, your belongings can be wet and ruined, and you’re faced with dipping into your emergency fund. If the damage is extreme, you could even end up without a place to live for a few days. Knowing the cause(s) of water damage in your home can help prevent the issue from occurring in the future.

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How to Fix Low Indoor Humidity blog

Signs Your Home Humidity is Too Low and How to Fix It

In our second article on indoor humidity, we covered high home humidity and what to do about it. This article is our third and final in the series, digging into low home humidity. If your home has low humidity levels, you may find yourself with dry and itchy skin, or experiencing small electric shocks between you and family members. Humidity levels that are too low can cause damage to your furniture, your home, and your health.

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