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How To Identify Your Home Has An Ice Dam

Illinois has seen plenty of ice and snow this winter, which can cause all sorts of damage to homes throughout the cold season. Snow and ice can pose threats to the exterior and interior of a building, which is why you should take extra care of your home during the winter. Noticing winter weather build up before it becomes an issue can help stop problems in their tracks.

Ice dams are a major concern for Chicagoland homeowners, and is one of the major causes of water damage to homes. Last year, we provided an overview of ice dams and how to solve them. Now we will go into detail in a three-part blog series, so you know how to identify an ice dam, short term emergency removal, and long-term prevention.

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Big fish eating small fish

What to Expect with a National Management Company Merger

We have seen a lot of changes in Illinois property management as smaller, local management companies get purchased by, or merge with, national management companies. This happened again most recently with another Chicagoland property management company in the south suburbs. It’s important to know what you can expect if your current smaller, local property management company has merged with a national management company.

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Get Your Home Ready For Spring!

Inside-Out Company, a member of our Vendor Select Program, gives some great advice on how to make sure your home recovers from the Winter season. Whether you live in a condo, townhome, or HOA, these tips will be beneficial to you this Spring season.

A big thank you to Inside-Out Company for providing this article. Alexis Hansen wrote this article to help homeowners prepare their homes for this Spring season.

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Camp I Am Me Wrap Up

Our #HillcrestSupports campaign took on a two month fundraising effort for Camp I Am Me. Read how much we were able to raise thanks to our awesome employees and vendors and check out some of the fun we had along the way!

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