4 Chicago Farms to Visit blog

4 Farms to Visit Near Chicago with Fun for Parents and Kids

With the weather finally warming up in the Chicago area, families everywhere are heading out for some fun. Many people hit the city or the lake shore for a day-vacation with the kids. But what about activities in a quiet, more rural setting? We’re sharing our favorite four local farms for kids that your family can check out for activities beginning mid-summer through late-summer/fall.

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Christmas Window Condensation Drawing

4 Window Condensation Repair Tactics for Homeowners

As a homeowner, excess condensation can be a cause for real concern for your family and your home. Noticeable condensation on your windows can be traced back to a multitude of issues:

  • old windows
  • insufficient windows with no gas fill
  • mold
  • rotting walls
  • wet spots

For window condensation repair, here are some solutions homeowners can utilize no matter the time of year.

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Condo Association Meeting Minutes Template

How to Master HOA Board Meeting Minutes (with Template!)

Law requires that HOA boards take meeting minutes during board meetings. But, it is also important for the board’s process and sanity to keep everything documented. For instance, meeting minutes are helpful when board members debate and come to a misunderstanding about a particular topic. Members can refer back to the minutes to recall what was actually said. This way the facts are always out on the table. The “art” of taking minutes is something all board members should be knowledgeable about. So, here are a few tips to mastering HOA board meeting minutes.

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