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5 General Home Repair and Maintenance Tips for Every Homeowner

Understanding general home repair and maintenance is an important part of being a homeowner. Not every broken appliance needs to be fixed by a professional and, in fact, most repairs can be done by yourself. Repairing issues by yourself is cost-effective, time-saving, and can possibly extend the life of your appliances. But even if you intend to hire out all repairs, you’ll want to understand how things work. Here’s a list of general home repair and maintenance tips that every homeowner should be knowledgeable on.

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basement leaks where wall meets floor

Cove Joint Seepage: Fixing Basement Leaks Where Wall Meets Floor

Not only are leaky basements smelly and gross, but they also pose a huge risk to your home’s value. Basement moisture can ruin your floors and walls, encourage mold development, and even cause damage to your roofing. Some fixes are easy. But many homeowners struggle with understanding basement leaks where wall meets floor, and with finding a solution. In a previous article, we discuss rain leak solutions. This article, however, focuses on a specific type of leak: cove joint seepage. We help you find solutions for basement leaks where wall meets floor, and how you can go about solving the issue.

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Organize Parking Garage blog title

How to Organize a Disorganized Community Parking Garage in Your HOA

Owners in your HOA want the luxury of parking close to their residence, and to be sure their belongings will be safely stored. And they don’t want to deal with a messy space. But, properly organizing a parking garage is more work than some people realize. Plus, with trying to keep track of local ordinances, garages can be a lot to handle. But if you’re equipped with the proper strategies, it can be far less daunting than it seems. Here are a few tips on how to make your parking situation more convenient and secure.

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How to Deal with Condo Association and HOA Delinquency

Making consistent improvements in your community is an important job of an HOA. However, when homeowners become delinquent, you will not have enough money to maintain operations. How do you deal with these people? The cost of delinquency to the association is quite expensive. Plus, it can lead to thousands in unpaid dues, tension with owners, and even court hearings. Here are a few tactics to deal with delinquent owners in your condo association.

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