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Take a few moments to get to know our property management professionals and the qualities that make them excel in their field.

Joel Garson, CPM, RAM, CMCA - Chairman of the Board and Co-Owner of Hillcrest Property Management

Joel Garson, CPM, RAM, CMCA

Chairman of the Board & Co-Owner

Joel is the founder of Hillcrest Property Management. More than 45 years ago, Joel instituted Hillcrest Property Management by providing personalized property management service to each and every client.

Due to Joel’s commitment to the condominium industry, as well as his hands-on approach to customer service and satisfaction, Hillcrest has grown to a portfolio over 17,000 units, with over 200 Associations in the Chicagoland area. In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree, Joel holds the distinction of “Certified Manager of Community Associations” from the National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers, “Certified Property Manager” from the National Association of Realtors, and “Certified Property Manager” from the National Association of Home Builders. Utilizing these certifications, Joel has taught courses in Real Estate Management on a national level. Joel is active in the company and maintains an open door policy for all of his clients, as well as the Hillcrest employees.

Mindy Maggio - CEO & Co-owner of Hillcrest Property Management

Mindy Maggio

CEO & Co-Owner

Mindy uses strategic planning and sets goals to continuously improve the operational core of Hillcrest Property Management. Mindy has an extensive background in the property management field that includes running a management company, managing communities, and serving as a board member. She has been actively involved in the Community Association Industry with property management professionals for over 20 years. Mindy likes the ability to be involved in many aspects of the company, as well as being hands-on with vendors and prospective clients. Mindy served as President of the Illinois Chapter of the Community Associations Institute in 2004, and still serves as a Board Member today. She is also a licensed insurance agent with extensive insurance knowledge pertaining to community associations.

Scott Millard - Executive Vice President of Hillcrest Property Management

Scott Millard

Executive Vice President

Scott M. supervises all of the property managers and property assistants at Hillcrest Property Management. He is also a Licensed Property Manager and has been in the real estate and real estate property management business for over 30 years. He has a unique technical background for a property manager because he has a law degree. Scott is always available to the other property management professionals, who in turn, use his legal background in solving complex association issues and problems that arise from time to time. Scott enjoys the many challenges facing associations in today’s ever-changing property management field, and working with association boards, owners, vendors, and contractors at the various associations he manages.

Scott Schlemmel - Vice President of Client Services - Hillcrest Property Management

Scott Schlemmel

Vice President of Client Services

Scott S. handles various services for our clients and oversees the implementation of Community Websites. He is also a Licensed Property Manager at Hillcrest and has an extensive background in both portfolio and site management. Scott has been in the condominium management business for over 23 years and joined the Hillcrest team in 2003. He likes the dynamics of working with various vendors and contractors that service our properties and enjoys working in different departments within our company as a senior management member.

Danielle Teschke

1st Vice President of Financial Services

Dani started with Hillcrest Property Management in October 2004 as a Property Assistant. Because of her great take-charge attitude, she has become the 1st Vice President of Financial Services and oversees the dynamics of the department. She assists in the training of new employees, setting up new properties in our system, and also handles our daily lockbox deposits.

Helen Kocemba - Comptroller - Hillcrest Property Management

Helen Kocemba


Helen is responsible for general administrative services for Hillcrest Property Management and aides with technical assistance for the office. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and four decades of experience in the real estate industry, licensed as a managing real estate broker. In 1986, Helen joined the Hillcrest team providing staff support for general administration, payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. She also provided customer service support for the management and bookkeeping departments. Since the company has grown since her start, her primary responsibilities are in general administration and technical assistance in the office.