Fun Family Activities in and Nearby Buffalo Grove, IL

By Buffalo Grove

Buffalo Grove, IL is a great place to enjoy some quality family fun any time of year. In the northern suburbs of Chicago, Buffalo Grove is known for its quaint downtown area. It has plenty of restaurants, locally-owned shops, and major retailers all in close proximity. In addition, it is a great community for families, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city and O’Hare International Airport. Here are some of our favorite activities in Buffalo Grove for families.

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Condominium rooftop pool

A Common Misunderstanding: HOA vs. Property Management Company

By Understanding your HOA

Updated August 10, 2022 As a condominium owner, it is natural to feel frustrated when it takes too long for a maintenance vendor to arrive, or when you head to work and the parking lot isn’t plowed. You may not deem fair one of the community’s rules. Yet, when homeowners attempt to solve these problems, they often contact the incorrect party, resulting in a delay in the result they are hoping for. It is a common misunderstanding that your property management company is the party at the root of these issues. In this article, we explain the difference between the homeowners’ association and the HOA property management company.

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