Being an adult in any suburban neighborhood can be tough – there are events for families, attractions for kids, but what about the unique activities for adults? Going to the same bar can get old, and heading downtown can be expensive and turn into an all-night trip. And sometimes you just want a child-free zone to get away from your kids or other people’s kids. If you think you’ve exhausted all your options, check out some of these fun things to do in Schaumburg for adults.

1. Level 257

Inspired by the classic game Pac-Man, Level 257 is an adult gaming entertainment center. Great for friends and couples, Level 257 has games, bowling, drinks, and food in a fun atmosphere. To separate itself from other kid arcades, Level 257 has many craft beers, a full-service bar, live late night music, and a mimosa brunch special. On their blog, they boast frequent deals like free bowling, discount nights, and cheap appetizers, so be sure to check it regularly. While kids are welcome, a trip after most kids are asleep will find a great spot for adults and couples to spend a late night in Schaumburg.

2. Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Show

Have you ever wanted to be a detective and help solve a gruesome murder? Well, look no further than the Murder Mystery Show! At the Dinner Show, you’ll experience an interactive comedy murder mystery show while you enjoy a fabulous meal. If you’ve never heard of a murder mystery show like this, here’s what you can expect:

  • During the night, a crime will occur and hidden clues will be revealed
  • Actors hide in plain sight, dressing like a normal attendee, so an actor may interact with or interrogate you
  • All guests will have an equal shot at solving the crime by witnessing every important scene and seeing every clue
  • Detectives will help to solve the crime, and whoever solves the mystery receives a prize

Shows happen every Saturday at the Chicago Marriott Schaumburg and can be reserved online beginning at $61.95 a person. And the best part? Only teens 15+ are allowed to attend the show, making this a great date night and a favorite among fun things to do in Schaumburg for adults. Many summer shows are already sold out, so buy your tickets soon!

3. Chicago Improv

Some of the things to do in Schaumburg, IL for couples make it a destination for suburbs all around, and Chicago Improv is one of them. What could be better than a nice evening at a comedy show, enjoying a good meal? If you’re looking for a relaxed night full of laughter, check out the Chicago Improv club for your next outing. There are weekly shows with full drink and food menus, and the best part is no one under 18 is allowed! Spend your evening kid and teen free and enjoy a good comedic show. With many local traveling comedians, there is sure to be a show to please all type of humor. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a place to try out your jokes, Chicago Improv occasionally schedules showcases for new talent. Be on the lookout on their Facebook page for their next amateur showcase!


Photo by Erik Charlton under the Creative Commons 2.0 license