Families who live in the suburbs don’t always have the time or money to make the trek to downtown Chicago. If you want convenient and family-friendly activities to do near your home, we wrote this for you! Here are our four favorite things to do with kids in Schaumburg.

1. Gameworks

Who doesn’t love going to a place that makes you feel like a kid again? Head over to Gameworks and you’re sure to reminisce about your own childhood days at the arcade. Gameworks is chock full of new and classic arcade games, a laser tag arena, bowling lanes, an online gaming center, and a dining facility. Kids can play their favorite games for tickets, and redeem them for prizes at the end. Additionally, parents can participate in fun activities with their kids or enjoy a drink at the bar. Gameworks also has birthday party packages, so your child can celebrate their big day at one of the largest indoor entertainment centers around.

2. Legoland Discovery Center

Finished at Gameworks and still looking for some more fun? Head next door to Legoland! Legoland is one of the top Schaumburg attractions, hosting children (and teens!) from all around. Immediately, the building impresses you from the outside with a giant giraffe made of Legos. Inside is a gift shop filled with walls of Legos and boxes of different themed Lego builds you can purchase to have fun with at home. Legoland also offers a 4D cinema, rides, hands-on Lego builds, a mini Lego build of Chicago, and a few different Lego worlds. There is also a small coffee shop inside with plenty of snacks, drinks, and small meals. And for super Lego lovers, parents can also hold Lego-themed birthday parties at the Discovery Center.

3. Spring Valley Nature Center

Next, we switch to a bit slower pace, and a cheaper option, to enjoy with your family. Part of Schaumburg’s Park District, Spring Valley is an outdoor living museum. With over 135 acres of forests, open fields, and streams your family can take a hike, this is among the understated Schaumburg attractions. Learn about the outdoors at the Nature Center, or go back in time to the 1880s Heritage Farm to learn about life in Schaumburg prior to the modern day. Along with exploring and hiking, Spring Valley also encourages many other activities, like:

  • Bird watching
  • Painting, drawing, sketching
  • Photography
  • Reading and writing
  • Learning about nature
  • Relaxing in the outdoors

4. Medieval Times

Transport yourself back in time to the medieval days of knights in armor and jousting fights and take a visit to Medieval Times. While this option is a bit on the pricey side, it will certainly be an adventure to remember. Packages start at $61.95 for adult and $36.95 for children under 12, and can go up to $83.95 per person. The adventure begins outside the giant castle. Inside, your family will enjoy a dinner and a show: a 4-course meal and a 2-hour medieval jousting tournament. Six knights compete with real swords and weapons on top of beautiful horses while you enjoy a yummy dinner and the appearance of a live, flying falcon. Crowns are available for your family, and depending on the package you purchase, you can cheer on your favorite knight with individual banners for each member of your family. The souvenir area won’t disappoint, with unique and lifelike swords and other medieval shenanigans. It will surely be an adventure for you and your kids of all ages to remember!


Photo by H. Michael Miley of the Spring Valley Nature Walk, under the Creative Commons 2.0 Generic license.