At this point, everyone has cabin fever in the Chicagoland area, so it is a great time to check out upcoming activities. Dee Park, Des Plaines, IL is home to a public park and recreational center belonging to the Golf Maine Park District. The park and rec center both host many activities, sports events, and include many seasonal programs for people of all ages.

Dee Park was remodeled in 2018 with an additional playground, fitness stations, backyard games, and new sports courts for

  • tennis
  • basketball
  • volleyball
  • badminton

In the summer, one can rent any of these spaces by the hour. The recreational center also received several upgrades, including a newly refurbished gym, renovated locker rooms, and new showers. During the winter, the rec center is a great place to check out a new activity like a dance class or a sports league. For something different,  here are some of the most unique activities you can sign up for at Dee Park.

Youth Arts and Crafts

Give your kids the chance to express themselves creatively! Dee Park Recreation Center offers many youth arts and crafts classes throughout the remaining winter months. Programs include working with beads, experimenting with slime, learning watercolors, and creating paper mache art. Fees vary from $5 to $35 and dates extend into late March. Contact the park district for more details at (847) 297-3000 or email

Cricket rental

Popular in the British Isles, Africa, and Australia, cricket is a team game that’s played with a bat and a ball. Teams comprising of between two and 11 players can visit Dee Park to rent out the cricket pitch for $50 for 2 hours if you’re a Des Plaines, IL resident. The pitch is open beginning in early April through the end of October, weather permitting. Keep your eye on spring, and get more information at (847)-297-3000 (ext. 210).

Splash Pad

Great for families and kids of all ages, the Splash Pad is a great summertime activity at Dee Park. Des Plaines kids can play with dump buckets, spray their friends with water cannons, run through ground geysers, and play in the Aqua Dome. Admission is free! But, the park only opens during daily temperatures of 70 degrees or above. Read rules and more information here.