As a property management company, our name is in front of community association members frequently. Homeowners pay assessments through our portal, and see our name on the association website and other communications. Meanwhile, for homeowners who do not regularly attend association Board meetings, their Board is somewhat invisible to them. Yet it is the Board that they should be engaging with when it comes to issues or decisions and rules they disagree with. Instead, however, residents often believe their property management company has full power and responsibility for their issue. As a result, they often end up frustrated with the outcome, because they aren’t following the proper channels to get their issue solved.

Hired by, and reporting to, the Board

An association’s Board of Directors makes all the decisions for the association. Board members are elected by the community, much like how government officials are. And, like elected government officials, their work as decision-makers and enforcers comes with a lot of responsibility and upkeep. This includes administrative tasks they don’t have time for, as well as skills they may not possess.

That’s why association Boards hire a property management company. The Board makes all the decisions, and then tells the property manager what to do to enforce those decisions. Hillcrest Property Management is an “agent” of the boards we work for, which means we act on their behalf.

Depending on what your Board hired us for, our role in your association can include any or all of the below items.

General administration
  • Phone service: answer calls and emails from Board members, homeowners, and vendors
  • Maintain records and documentation
  • Update information in community databases
  • Distribute communications and notices to homeowners
  • Keep track of bookings or reservations for communal space use
  • Attend board meetings and take minutes
  • Review proposals with Board members
  • Support the Board of Directors by working directly with them
  • Enforce the rules and regulations in the community’s governing documents
  • Follow up on homeowner reports or complaints
  • Schedule and perform monthly inspections
  • Process work orders
  • Gather bids for upcoming community projects and present them to the Board
  • Schedule maintenance or repair of facilities as directed by the Board
  • Communicate with service providers
  • Provide keys or access to shared spaces
Accounting, Legal, etc.
  • Oversee community funds and accounts
  • Prepare monthly financial reports and annual budget
  • Advise the Board on the state of the association’s financial matters
  • File tax returns
  • Communicate with HOA attorney for legal matters or concerns as directed by the Board
  • Keep track of government regulations and educate the Board of any new regulations or laws
  • Track residents’ insurance coverage
  • Handle special assessments and documentation
What Hillcrest cannot do

We are not your association. As a property management company, Hillcrest is a separate entity hired by the Board. While we can act as a liaison, we cannot over-ride any board decisions, and we do not have a vote in the decision-making process. Therefore, you must bring issues and concerns to your board about any decisions and procedures in your community. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Attend Board meetings.
  2. Reach out to your property manager with any concerns so they can advocate for you to the board.