Owners in your HOA want the luxury of parking close to their residence, and to be sure their belongings will be safely stored. And they don’t want to deal with a messy space. But, properly organizing a parking garage is more work than some people realize. Plus, with trying to keep track of local ordinances, garages can be a lot to handle. But if you’re equipped with the proper strategies, it can be far less daunting than it seems. Here are a few tips on how to make your parking situation more convenient and secure.

1. Make the rules known

Establishing a set of rules for your garage and storage spaces is an important step in creating a secure parking strategy. If you currently don’t have any rules set up, contact your local fire department to confirm what local ordinances are for safety and storage in a homeowners association parking garage. Once you have guidelines from the fire department, your board¬†members and the manager will be able to effectively create and enforce the rules.

2. Dedicate someone to the job

Assign a board member or manager to do frequent walk-throughs of the garage to check for infractions. Our policy is to have the property manager do a monthly checkup, but it is helpful if a board member is willing to do an additional separate walk-through. This generally is enough to give the matter the attention it needs.

3. Get proper storage

One thing that HOAs struggle with is having proper storage in the garage for their unit owners. Not having proper storage can actually make it more difficult to store things for unit owners and cause disarray parking spaces. A few ways to go about increasing storage space is to invest in bike racks or providing a storage cabinet for owners to utilize. Additionally, adding shelves in the parking spaces is a simple way to add more space and doesn’t cost very much either. All of this is to encourage owners not to clutter their spaces with junk and cause an inconvenience to other owners.