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How to Master HOA Board Meeting Minutes (with Template!)

By Homeowners' meetings

Updated September 2021 Law requires that HOA boards take meeting minutes during board meetings. But, it is also important for the board’s process and sanity to keep everything documented. For instance, meeting minutes are helpful when board members debate and come to a misunderstanding about a particular topic. Members can refer back to the minutes to recall what was actually said. This way the facts are always out on the table. The “art” of taking minutes is something all board members should be knowledgeable about. So, here are a few tips to mastering HOA meeting minutes, template included.

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Payments link on Hillcrest Property Management website

2021 Coupon Booklet Statement

By News

Due to issues with our vendor and USPS, the 2021 coupon books have been delayed. If you have not received  your coupons, please pay your 2020 assessment amount: Make checks payable to your association, and your account number or unit address need to be included on your check. Mail checks to: PO Box 7780, Carol Stream, IL 60197.  You can also pay online by clicking on “Payments” in the top right corner of this website.  You will receive a statement showing your current balance soon. If your assessment has increased in 2021, you can pay the difference along with your February assessment. All January late fees will be waived.

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