,Chicago, the premiere city of the Midwest and third largest city in the United States, is a vibrant place with a wide array of activities to explore. With a diverse culture, rich history, and unique position off Lake Michigan, it offers the excitement rivaled to that of a major global coastal city. Chicago natives and mid-westerners alike, come out of your COVID shell and remember everything the Windy City has to offer!

Here are six hobbies in Chicago for you to enjoy this spring 2021.

1) History

History as a hobby?Chicago History Museum In a city like Chicago; you bet. The city is home to several renowned museums in both natural history and art history. Chicago also boasts some impressive tours around the city’s cultural heritage. Explore the home of the Blues, or the city’s darker past of prohibition and leading gangsters.

The Field Museum

The Art Institute of Chicago

Prohibition Era Tours

Blues Bus Tour

Chicago History Museum

2) Water Sports & Tours

Kayaking on Chicago River

One of the major perks of this Midwestern city is its beautiful positioning off the Great Lake of Michigan. With sandy beaches running along the coast and rivers and canals running through the inner-city, Chicago offers some great water fun for outdoor enthusiasts. Here are some interesting water sports and tours to try you fun at this spring.

Chicago River Ghosts and Gangsters Kayak Tour

10 Best Chicago Waters Sports & Adventures Activities for 2021

3) Sky Diving

Skydive Chicago

When you think of skydiving, Chicago may not be the first city that comes to mind. But being located in the Midwest’s Great Plains, the city’s flat geography makes it an ideal place to learn. So much so that Chicago is home to a well-known indoor diving center where thrill seekers can learn the craft and get certified.

Top 4 places to skydive in Chicago

iFly- Chicago’s indoor skydiving

4) Cycling

Cycling is one of the great hobbies in Chicago and its suburbs. The area offers riders a unique experience with an excellent selection of trails that provide beautiful lakefront views, trails through wetlands and awesome city parks. Here are a few favorites of Chicagoan cyclists.

Cycling the 606 – Formerly an old decommissioned rail way, the 606 is now a fully paved trail that features sis parks, art installations, an event plaza, and plans to further its development in 2021.

The Chicago Cycling Club – Provides enthusiast with a social outlet to make like-minded friends, organize cycling events and inspire each in the craft.

For those who’d like to tour Chicago on a bicycle (or Segway), check out Bike and Roll Chicago.

Bike and Roll Chicago

Family enjoying a Bike and Roll Chicago rental

5) Craft BrewingBourbon County Brand Stout bottle

Home to some iconic breweries like Goose Island and Revolution Brewing, the craft of brewing beer has brought a renaissance amongst the locals. Tap houses can be found all over the city. As result, more and more craft beer festivals are happening every year. Many are outdoor festivals, allowing participants to social distance as they prefer. Whether you are interested in trying new beers or learning to brew, Chicago has the right resources.

Top Craft Breweries in Chicago 

Learning to Brew Beer in Chicago

Craft Beer Festivals in Chicago

Big Jack Johnson Chicago Blues Festival6) Music

One of the greatest things the city of Chicago has brought the Midwest is its unique impact on music. And of course, the famous Chicago Blues. Stroll down Maxwell Street to discover the home of the Blues, or search for the city’s famous music bars. This city doesn’t disappoint music lovers.

Chicago Music Tour 

Chicago Best Music Bars 

Best Blues Bars of Chicago


At the time of publication, all these venues are open with some form of regulation under COVID-19. Regulations and availability may change.



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