Oak Park

Hillcrest Property Management serves many condominium communities with property management in Oak Park, IL.

This area has flourished in the last dozen or so years. Below are some examples of condominium properties that were in great need of help, and how Hillcrest turned them around. For an additional case study on how Lindsay got a 20-unit association in Oak Park out of debt, see our Contract Re-negotiations page.

9-unit Building

This 9-unit property upkeep had been neglected for quite some time. After getting a maintenance proposal process rolling, Hillcrest ensured the community began successfully moving forward on maintenance projects. We have completed an $18,000 common area window replacement project, and are having new front entrance doors installed. Next on the schedule is painting the front entrance hallways.

20-unit Property

Before one of our Oak Park team members, Lindsay Diaferia, took over property management of this 20-unit condominium community, they had a contract unsuccessfully managing the property, who meanwhile went bankrupt. At the time we took over, the property had a legal project pending three years.

We got the community a new contractor right away, who completed all the abandoned repairs within five months. Then, with some effort, we wrapped up the stalled legal project within 1.5 years of our tenure with the property

17-unit Building

This building is a newer property in our portfolio. Nearly every element is original construction, so is in desperate need of some tender loving care. Over the last six months, we’ve obtained proposals for work that needs to be addressed, and have achieved approval with the Board for $20,000 in capital improvements.

Featured Property Manager: Lindsay Diaferia

Lindsay has been with Hillcrest Property Management for two years. Here are a few questions we asked Lindsay so you can get to know her:

Q: What do you like most about Property Management?
A: The constant learning. No day is ever the same in property management. It can be quite challenging at times, but that is partly why I enjoy it so much. I push myself to new levels and continue to grow in an industry that is stimulating and ever-changing. You learn to be the jack of all trades!

Q: What do you like most about Oak Park?
A: I worked in Oak Park years ago and fell in love with the area; it has so much history! It is a smaller version of Chicago, with lots of restaurants, stores, and places that are unique to the area. Oak Park has a great community feel. Just take a walk down Lake Street and you’ll understand right away!

Q: How do you spend your time when you are not managing properties?
A: I am very family-oriented. I spend lots of time with my nieces and nephews and am extremely close with my friends, most of whom I’ve known for many years. I enjoy spending time outdoors, like walking, hiking, or going to local fests. Sometimes life gets away from us and days pass by quickly; we often forget to enjoy the free time we have to the fullest!