The Pilera Portal: A Resource for Communities and Their Residents

What is Pilera?

With the Pilera Portal, the residents in our communities get access to an abundance of Association and Personal information with 24/7 access. Residents have access to their financials including account history and ability to make online payments, view pertinent documents, and can see the status of maintenance orders. Residents can view Events posted, a responsibility matrix chart, and an informational chart notating useful and relevant material about their Association.

Another great feature of your portal is the group of tools designed that allows you to update your information. For example, residents can edit their personal information including alternate contact information, lease, tenant, vehicle, pet information, insurance and more.


Pilera Broadcast enables your association to automatically send out announcements or emergency notices. Residents choose their communication preferences among phone, email, or text messages. In addition, you can use this function to send event notifications, work order updates, etc.


Residents can view their unit’s, and common area, work order status. Associations get a comprehensive work order dashboard.

Help Desk

The F.A.Q.s section in the Pilera portal answers common questions, so you get an answer quickly and easily. The Help Desk also allows us to track your phone calls with call activity logs and assignment follow ups, enhancing our customer service.


We are excited that almost all of our communities’ websites are now on the robust Pilera, with the remainder completed very shortly.

Pilera EasySite enables us to offer our associations their own community website. Check out the features:

Here is a a tour of the Resident Experience with Pilera.