Vendor Select Program


Welcome to the VSP

Hillcrest has partnered with a select list of vendors to help your associations find trusted, reliable, knowledgeable companies to help with anything from day-to-day needs to financial help. We understand it can be hard to pick a new service provider so we put this list together to help take that burden off your back.

Why use a vendor from the VSP?

  • All VSP members have been fully vetted through BBB, reference checks and insurance verification
  • We use a limited amount of vendors in each service category to help narrow it down for you
  • Easier bidding process
  • One direct point of contact
  • Reduced pricing
  • VSP members provide free educational seminars

There is no obligation for any association to use a vendor from the VSP however we highly recommend reaching out to them for a bid in order to assure quality service and convenient pricing.

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