Mentor Program Graduate, Tom Purrazzo

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licensed property managerCongratulations are in order to our newest property manager!

In January 2016, Hillcrest Property Management started a mentor program. In the wake of a new law requiring Illinois property managers to be licensed, the industry as a whole suffered a decrease in property managers. The reasoning behind our mentor program was to produce well educated, knowledgeable, licensed property managers. Tom Purrazzo was one of the mentees when we launched the program. We are happy to announce that Tom has not only become licensed, but has graduated from the mentor program and officially taken on his own management portfolio for Hillcrest.
Tom came to Hillcrest from the banking industry where he worked in the marketing department and as a universal banker. He came to association management looking for a change of pace and to find a company he could grow with. We think he made a great choice and we are proud of the progress he has made!

Let’s get to the fun stuff! Getting to know Tom…

Favorite food: Tacos

Favorite vacation spot: My family cottage in Michigan

When you’re not at work, how do you spend your time: I never stop moving! I like to work out, and do a lot of outdoor activities. I also play in a band on the weekends

Most unique job you’ve had: Running my own business in college by selling sunglasses

Favorite part about working in property management: I enjoy helping people! It’s always nice to be able to end the phone call on a good note no matter the reason they’re calling us. I like to get down to the root of any issue and get it taken care of from the ground up!

Favorite part about working at Hillcrest: Learning new things from colleagues who have been in the industry. There is always someone here who can answer any question that comes up. We have a good support system to help each other out no matter what the issue is.

If you could retire tomorrow, what would you do: Live on a golf course by a beach. Golf in the morning, brew beer, and eat food.