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Foster a Sense of Community with Block Parties and Garage Sales

Spring is finally here so it’s time to stop hibernating inside and venture outdoors! With warmer weather approaching, many people like to get outside, join volunteer groups, or meet the new neighbor who moved in during winter. As an HOA board member, it’s your job to help create a friendly environment where homeowners feel proud of where they live. Many people want to know their neighbors instead of feeling like it’s just a bunch of town homes that share a wall. An easy way to encourage neighborly love is with community activities such as a block party orĀ  neighborhood garage sale. Here are some tips on planning a seamless event in your HOA community.

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Town House Backyard Party

Common Condo and Townhome HOA Backyard Rules

As the seasons change and warmer weather settles in, many will spend the next few months enjoying the outdoors right in their own backyards. You may be dreaming of hosting get-togethers, grilling out, or tending your garden. Although, if you live in a townhome or condo HOA, you may have to abide by some backyard rules. Homeowners with shared yards or those who live in close proximity of one another must keep things nice and orderly for the sake of the community. Here we summarize common HOA backyard rules and how to abide by them.

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Homeowners’ Association not enforcing rules? Here’s what to do.

When you live in a homeowners’ association, you agree to uphold all the rules that go along with living there. The reason an HOA has rules is to ensure proper order and a smooth running of the community. Without these rules, everyone would be free to do as they please, which can lead to issues. But what about when you find your homeowners’ association not enforcing rules? Here we outline some simple solutions for homeowners to get an HOA back on track.

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Three Unique Activities at Dee Park in Des Plaines, IL

At this point, everyone has cabin fever in the Chicagoland area, so it is a great time to check out upcoming activities. Dee Park, Des Plaines, IL is home to a public park and recreational center belonging to the Golf Maine Park District. The park and rec center both host many activities, sports events, and include many seasonal programs for people of all ages.

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Happy HOA Board

Understanding and Following HOA Board Members’ Code of Conduct

An HOA board of directors is the governing body of an association. It is in charge of policy-making and, more importantly, must uphold all legal and fiduciary duties. Board members are in a position of authority and are to act on behalf of the association. When issues arise, having a code of conduct in place will reduce the chance of a possible problem. An HOA board members’ code of conduct can guide board members to maintain high ethical standards and act in a respectful manner. This encourages members to be considerate of ethical standards while being a community leader.

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