• Manager Mentor Program

    Manager Mentor Program


Why use a mentor program?

When the law was enacted to require property managers to be licensed, the industry as a whole suffered a decrease in property managers. Just like everyone else, we saw the direct impact this caused. When we recognized the problem, we also came up with a solution: creating a Manager Mentor Program at Hillcrest Property Management. Although all of our property managers are licensed, property management is always expanding. We felt this was a good opportunity to help others become licensed and knowledgeable in the field.

We carefully developed this program to help teach and guide employees through the process of becoming a licensed property manager. Our goals are to aide mentees in the education of property management, and ensure they will be effective in their property manager role, as well as other possible future leadership roles.

How the program works

Our mentees split their day between working as a property assistant at Hillcrest and working directly with their mentor. The mentors in the program are experienced licensed property managers from Hillcrest. While working with their mentor, mentees participate in training sessions and utilize hands-on experience with all daily tasks a property manager encounters. The mentees shadow their mentor to association and as board meetings in order to fully understand the functionality of a property manager’s role. During this program, many topics are covered, including:

  • Assessments/Collections
  • RFPs
  • Violation Letters/Hearings
  • Understanding Financials
  • Reserve Studies
  • Budgeting
  • Annual Meetings

From property assistant to property manager

During the training process, our mentees also take on three very important tests in the licensing process. Mentors are on hand during the studying process to answer questions and help fully prepare their mentee to successfully complete the exams. As the program advances and the mentees complete their tests, they become more involved with the communities they have been shadowing. Mentees visit the properties and attend board meetings. This is in order to slowly transition them into taking on their own portfolio of communities when the time comes.

If you are interested in taking part in our Manager Mentor Program at Hillcrest Property Management as a mentee, or if you would like to submit your resume, please click here.