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    Hillcrest Property Management


Hillcrest provides a client care department that handles the maintenance requests and work orders for our Associations. Our Client Care department responds to the maintenance requests that come into our office by issuing work orders to the appropriate Association-approved vendor. Our Client Care team stays on top of the work orders to ensure quality work in a reasonable timeframe. Currently, our client care department has a 95% completion rate with diverse types of work orders, within 30 days, from start to completion. To establish the capacity of work being performed, this department also follows up with the Homeowner to verify the performed work met their expectations.

As an added property management service, we use a property inspection services department for eligible associations. When an inspection is performed by either the Property Manager or the Property Inspection Services department, Client Care is notified immediately of any work orders that need to be issued. This keeps a fluid motion in the upkeep and necessary repairs needed in order to maintain a property’s value.

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